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Marine Fuel Additives

Marine Fuel Additives

Most boats run through a full tank of fuel in about 90 days, give or take. However, the longer unused gas remains in a tank, the more it begins to break down, which can cause threatening fuel lines and engine damage. This is because most fuels now contain high levels of ethanol, which can destroy marine engines. Here’s why - traces of ethanol attack the rubber components of the engine, fuel hoses, and fiberglass tanks, causing long-term wear. It also absorbs water, which causes phase separation in the fuel the longer it sits. This is why IE Boat Supplies recommends using marine fuel additives for safety and to prevent damage.

Our team knows that the best way to prevent damage from unused gas is by using marine fuel stabilizers, which are boat fuel additives that not only keep your fuel from breaking down but to protect your engine from unwanted corrosive damage. That’s a small price to pay to protect one of your greatest investments.