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VHF - Handheld

VHF Marine Radios

VHF marine radios are required on vessels by the United States Coast Guard, and although most boaters will never use them, in an emergency situation, a marine radio can literally be a lifesaver. As a rule, most boaters venture out on the water when water and weather conditions are pleasant. However, as all boaters know, storm fronts and swells can develop unexpectedly. Inclement weather is not the sole reason these radios are required equipment. There is always the very real possibility for an accident while water skiing, tubing, or simply diving off the stern.

Boat certification classes will cover what to do in an emergency. IEBoat Supplies cannot implore our clients of the importance of knowing what to do when a carefree day boating takes a turn for the worse. 

Stay connected to the radio. The Coast Guard can locate you faster if you are transmitting a radio signal that rescue boats or aircraft can detect. Repeat at intervals until an answer is received and help is on the way.

IE Boat Supplies has everything boaters need for a day out on the water. In cases of emergency, we stock VHF marine radios from leading brands including Uniden, Standard Horizons, and Garmin.