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Emergency Boat Kill Switches and Lanyards

Marine Ignition Switches

If your boat is gas-powered, it requires a starter system to ignite its internal combustion engine. A marine ignition switch creates a spark in the engine cylinder which turns the engine over. Boats have a starter system that is comprised of several electrical components including the ignition system, the battery, a starter switch, an electric starter motor, and the solenoid. The purpose of any ignition system is to generate high voltage output precisely when it is needed. This voltage causes a spark to arc across the spark plug gap, thereby igniting the fuel in the cylinder. Boat ignition switches are the access point to the ignition system.

Marine ignition switches are keyed to engage a lock built into the switch as a safety precaution. The electrical ignition system overall is sensitive to salt air, sea spray, humidity, and corrosion. Marine technicians and others who service boats have turned to IE Boat Supplies for quality replacement parts by Sea Dog, Sierra, and TH Marine. We carry marine ignition switch keys, kill switches, ignition switches, and marine ignition switch accessories. IE Boat Supplies stocks everything required to upgrade, maintain, or repair any marine ignition system.

Rely on IE Boat Supplies Marine for Quality Boat Ignition Switches

If you are not certain which ignition switch is right for your job, just give us a call. We’re boating enthusiasts as well and will take the time to ensure you purchase the exact marine ignition switches you require. Whether you require a TH Marine “Saf-T-Stop” Ignition Kill Switch, a Replacement Switch Key, or a Sierra MP41400 Warning Kit Pressure/Temp, you can be assured you are receiving quality parts at IE Boat Supplies competitive prices.