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Fluke Anchors

Fluke Anchors

Boat Anchors

Did you know that your watercraft could be weighing the wrong anchor? Are you still using the boat anchor your vessel came equipped with? Without the proper boat anchor, your boat can drift in the currents and wind and cause considerable damage to your boat or others. Be sure when you are looking at boat anchors for sale that you take into consideration a few key elements.

Your first consideration is to make sure you know the size and weight of your vessel, and also the bottom conditions in the waters you will be maneuvering. Various types of waterways require different kinds of boat anchors. Whether it is rock, coral, shale, grassy, sandy, or mud, you will want to make sure that you have the boat anchor suitable for each type of bottom condition. Also, piloting through salt, fresh or brackish waters also requires different types of marine anchors. Anchors must tether a boat properly and must secure to the seabed in a manner that will offset wind and waves around the boat, thereby keeping the vessel secure. Let’s explore some anchor options based on different conditions.