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Mooring Buoys

Mooring Buoys

Did you know that there are different types of buoys? Mooring buoys are generally heavier than standard buoys and are often used to moor when it is necessary to anchor out in the water instead of dropping an anchor. These buoys can also serve as markers for hazardous areas on the water. When you are looking for buoys for sale, look no further than IEBoatSupplies! IE Boat Supplies stocks mooring buoys and accessories from top brands such as Cal-June, Custom Cordage, and Taylor Made Products. 

Our inventory of quality buoys for sale are available in a range of sizes from 12” diameter to up to 30” diameter. If you are in need of a larger diameter buoy, Taylor Made’s Sur-Moor T3C Moor Buoy - 30D is a great choice. It is made from PVC tubing and is made with one-piece construction. With its larger shape and reflective band, it is easily visible at a distance and at night. It can also be painted for quicker identification. Designed for easy tethering, the tube-through-the-center design allows the chain to pass through the buoy and not just attach to the hardware for a more secure anchor.

IE BoatSupplies Carries Regulation-Compliant Buoys

The Cal-June's Trip Line and Anchor Marker Buoy is made with a weather-resistant line that is up to 800 lbs breaking strength. It is regulation compliant and required when anchors are in use. IE BoatSupplies not only stock mooring buoys and anchor markers but also the line, cordage, and hardware needed to secure your watercraft.